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new plant repotting:


included in your same-day purchase of plant & pot: we will repot your new plant babe for you!

home visit: 

price varies

Home Consultation: not sure what light you have? questions on what size or type of plant would live best in your space? need some in-home inspiration? that’s what we do! We will come to your space, provide a one-on-one consultation and answer any questions or concerns you may have. we can also set up a personalized plant order for you.

Home Repotting: have a big guy that you can’t bring to the shop? first, we will diagnose and ensure repotting is the way to go. if repotting is needed, we will provide the supplies (drop cloth, soil etc.) and new pot if requested.

“the Dr. is in”:

price varies ($10+)

bring in a plant that you have concerns about. whether it needs to be repotted, loosing leaves or maybe just a little neglected. we will diagnose it and help it back to health. depending on the issue- plants may need to stay for a few days to be aided back to proper health or monitored.


price varies

* free with a purchase of $100 or more. scheduled at time of purchase, depending on availability.


* $10 delivery charge with a purchase under $100. scheduled at time of purchase, depending on availability.


* Local deliveries only.

home plant repotting: 

price varies ($10+)

have a plant that has outgrown its pot and has you stumped? bring it in to the shop! we will repot it in a new happy home. whether you bring in your own, we provide a new nursery pot, or chose from a wide-variety of our ceramic/terracotta pots.

just questions?:


have a quick question on a plant at home? find us on Instagram/Facebook: @shop.mis.plantitas 

email us at:

or give us a call: 847-469-8420. we are ALWAYS here to help!

DISCLAIMER: we are still a small shop, all times and scheduling depend on availability . thank you for your understanding!


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